Ludowici Roof Tile

Ludowici clay roof tiles are the highest quality roof tiles available today, which is why they adorn thousands of historic and newly built structures around the world. Meticulously crafted in New Lexington, Ohio from locally sourced raw materials, Ludowici products are infinitely customizable and carry a 75-year material warranty.

Ludowici’s custom tile capabilities are unsurpassed by any other manufacturer in the world. Using samples from an existing roof, Ludowici can make patterns and molds to press out new replacement tiles, or create new patterns from an architect’s drawings. Ludowici’s skilled craftsmen can recreate hand-finish textures such as finger streaks, hand slush, or multi-directional scoring. Our ceramic engineers can develop custom glaze colors to match almost any historic tile as well as create new colors to meet your design goals. The possibilities are endless.