Sannini Terracotta

SANNINI is one of the most respected terracotta producers Italy and throughout the built world. The classic lines of hand-made terracotta go with the continuous study of new materials where clay is mixed with special resins and quartzes, with a special attention to the sustainability of the production process. Research also applies to to the working of clay in non-conventional shapes for the use in architecture so that the naturalness and unalterability of the matter are fully enhanced.

SANNINI is a market leader in custom solutions for large scale projects which are developed in collaboration with architects and designers. The collaboration with Mario Botta for the Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul, the partnership with the Studio Archea of Marco Casamonti, an expression of which is the new Antinori Winery, and the recent commitment for the NewFlorence Opera House designed by Paolo Desideri (ABDR Associati) are all examples of this. It’s a long and prestigious list including names such as Paul Davis, Foster & Partners, Renzo Piano, Claudio Nardi, Grimshaw Architects, Roberto Ercilla and Miguel Angel Campo, Maurice Kanah and others.