Nichigo 3040 Black UV Tape

The story of Nichigo G-Tape™ starts with the highest quality standards of any tape sold in the US today. Nichigo G-Tape™ is manufactured by Nippon Gohsei in Japan and is sold through Nippon Gohsei USA, a US corporation. All G-Tape™ products feature a patened combination of solvent acrylic adhesive with an advanced backing substrate that results in unmatchable performance. G-Tape™ is a P.S.A. tape (pressure sensitive adhesive). Applying pressure to G-Tape™ is required for optimal adhesion.

Nichigo G-Tape BLACK UV STABLE 3040 is a self-adhering flashing tape used for installation of weather resistive barriers such as VaproShield and exterior wall fenestration products. G-Tape 3040 is constructed with a laminated polyethylene cloth and proprietary acrylic adhesive. The tape structure provides easy handling without sacrificing mechanical strength such as, dimensional stability, high tensile strength, and high weather resistance. The acrylic adhesive sticks and stays well on rough surfaces of low to high temperature (-40 ~ 200 degree F).

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