Ventgrid12™ is an important new innovation for the building construction industry. It is the ideal solution for assemblies where a drainage / ventilation air space is needed. Unlike ordinary methods such as wood furring, Ventgrid12™ is made almost completely from “post consumer” recycled plastic so it is highly resistant to deterioration and degradation. Ventgrid12™ will not decay, rot, absorb moisture or support mold growth.

Ventgrid12™ utilizes a unique manufacturing process to produce an incredibly strong and lightweight rigid flat 4’(1.22m)x8’(2.44m) panel with 1/4”(6.4mm) long stand-off dimples for an overall thickness of 1/2”(12.7 mm). The specially Engineered plastic is easily snipped with standard hand shears such as sheet metal cutters. Because each sheet weighs only 8 lbs(3.6kg), Ventgrid12™ is very easy to handle saving time and labour. Each sheet quickly covers 32 sq. ft.(2.97m²) of surface area and the convenient pre-formed fastener holes make the installation fast and simple.